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Detheritory - Morphing Fest
Detheritory Logo - Morphing Fest


Country of origin: Czech Republic

Location: Prague

Formed in: 2018

Genre: Melodic Doomcore 



Prague based group, founded during the winter of 2018, when Bubeník met a guitarist and music engineer, who joined as bass player after a few weeks. Until the spring of 2021, the band also worked with a singer, who joined during the creation, but then there was a change in the line-up, when another member (second guitarist) came, the singer left the group. Out of respect for her, hand in hand with a new member and the new breath that the band took, the new name "DETHERITORY" came. The band is inspired by various genres of hard music, but is not afraid to push the boundaries of other musical styles for spice. The repertoire includes several successful COVERS, but above all he focuses on his own creations. The band looks for inspiration in icons such as: GOJIRA, SYBREED, SUFFER WELL, THE IRON SON and many others.


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